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Definition of Neolithic

the last part of the Stone Age in which agricultural and technological elements began to advance

Examples of Neolithic in a sentence

The village is home to a Neolithic dig site where late Stone Age pieces have been discovered. 🔊

During the Neolithic period, advances in agriculture helped move our ancestors out of the dark and into a new way of life. 🔊

Neolithic carvings in cave walls show how are stone age relatives were able to make serious cultural progress during the ten thousand years before Christ was born. 🔊

The development of chipped stone tools and the appearance of crafts such as pottery and weaving are two of the major milestones that occurred in the Neolithic era.  🔊

Preceding the Bronze Age, the Neolithic era was the last part of the Stone Age in which humans learned to raise crops and domesticate animals.  🔊

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