Sarcophagus in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sarcophagus

a stone coffin from ancient time

Examples of Sarcophagus in a sentence

Peering into the sarcophagus, the archeologist’s eyes lit up when he saw the intact remains.  🔊

Wrapped tight in the sarcophagus for thousands of years, the Pharaoh’s body survived through mummification.  🔊

With the mummy’s body resting in its limestone sarcophagus, the Greek family said goodbye to their loved one.  🔊

Although the sarcophagus was in good condition, the path to the tomb was blocked by century’s worth of rubble and debris.  🔊

Placing the sarcophagus in the tomb, the Egyptians believed that the deceased was now on the way to the afterlife.  🔊

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