Neurasthenic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Neurasthenic

a now obsolete psychiatric symptom that is more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome and is characterized by extreme mental and physical exhaustion

Examples of Neurasthenic in a sentence

Early 19th century insane asylums were filled with people showing neurasthenic symptoms, simply exhausted and in need of rest.  🔊

The woman was classified as have neurasthenic tendencies, meaning she was prone to bouts of chronic fatigue.  🔊

The neurasthenic couple were both moody and extremely mentally exhausted after planning their extravagant wedding.  🔊

Working night and day can lead to extreme neurasthenic tiredness that can only be cured with rest.  🔊

Chronic fatigue suffers were once known as neurasthenic, meaning they suffered from long-lasting sleepiness and lack of energy.  🔊

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