Neurologist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Neurologist

a physician that deals with deals with the nervous system and the diseases that affect it

Examples of Neurologist in a sentence

Only one neurologist was available to talk to the patient’s family after he severely injured the nerves in his hand. 🔊

The pediatrician and neurologist agree that the infant’s illness is related to both the brain and the central nervous system that passes messages for the organ. 🔊

After a week seizure free, the man’s neurologist agreed to let him drive again as long as there were no more neurological episodes. 🔊

Each neurologist seemed to have a different opinion on what would be the best course of treatment for the patient suffering from whole body nerve pain. 🔊

Looking over the alcoholic’s MRI, the neurologist circles areas that indicated specific changes in the brain and nerves. 🔊

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