Niggle in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Niggle

to cause minor but continuous irritation or anxiety

Examples of Niggle in a sentence

Something decided to niggle at me for the duration of the day, but even though it continued to bother me I couldn’t remember what it was. 🔊

I had an ant bite that continued to niggle me throughout the day, but thankfully it was nothing more than a minor irritant. 🔊

The high-pitched voice of the teacher never fails to niggle me, but I always tell myself that it could be worse. 🔊

Something that is small and agitating will niggle you, but unless it really hurts you probably will be able to more or less ignore it.  🔊

An itch in a place you cannot reach will only niggle you at first, but the longer it lasts the more irritating it will become.  🔊

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