Unnerve in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Unnerve

to make someone lose confidence; to discourage

Examples of Unnerve in a sentence

In an effort to unnerve his foe, the politician brought up some of the less honorable things he had done in the past during their debate.  🔊

Many ancient armies loosed a mighty war cry before a charge in an effort to unnerve their foes and make them lose morale.  🔊

The horrors of chemical warfare were quite likely to unnerve troops during the Great War, as no one wanted to suffer from a noxious poison.  🔊

My school rival tried to unnerve me during my class presentation, but I ignored him and continued to give my speech with confidence.  🔊

Nothing will unnerve a smaller country in today’s world than the threat of nuclear destruction by a larger one.  🔊

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