Nominal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Nominal

incredibly small

Examples of Nominal in a sentence

Despite his immense wealth, Frank is a selfish man who gives a nominal amount to charities each year. 🔊

The court gave me a nominal award that did not cover the cost of my car repairs. 🔊

Jim did not get a lot of job applicants because he offered only a nominal salary to his employees. 🔊

Fortunately, I have a credit card with only a nominal interest rate. 🔊

The fine for an overdue book is pretty nominal at twenty cents a day. 🔊

Even though my grandmother knows her antique lamp has only a nominal value, she still will not part with it. 🔊

There is a nominal fee added to the ticket price of all 3D movies. 🔊

With my coupons, my groceries cost me a nominal amount this week. 🔊

I need only a nominal amount of gasoline to start my lawnmower. 🔊

While there are some very expensive apps, there are also apps with only a nominal purchase price. 🔊

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