Contemptible in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Contemptible

worthy of contempt

Examples of Contemptible in a sentence

1. The judge sentenced the contemptible man to a lifetime in prison. 🔉

2. Because I find Helen contemptible, I refuse to sit next to her at the family dinner. 🔉

3. Our local politician is a contemptible man known to take bribes. 🔉

4. When Jack heard about his daughter’s contemptible behavior, he had no choice but to ground her. 🔉

5. The jury had no problem sentencing the contemptible man to death. 🔉

6. According to the rules of the gang charter, disloyalty is contemptible and can be punished by death. 🔉

7. Frank is so contemptible he once tried to date a girl he robbed. 🔉

8. Even the priest found it difficult to forgive the contemptible child molester. 🔉

9. Bullies are contemptible people who get pleasure from hurting innocent individuals. 🔉

10. As soon as the teacher saw the student’s contemptible deed, she sent him to the principal’s office. 🔉

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