Non compos mentis in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Non compos mentis

unable to make decisions because of a mental issue, whether it be psychological, physical, or through a disease like dementia

Examples of Non compos mentis in a sentence

The court declared the defendant non compos mentis and mandated time served in a psychiatric facility. 🔊

Because the elderly man suffered from dementia, he was non compos mentis and had a relative take care of his finances. 🔊

After the court discovered that the criminal had a mental disability, they deemed him non compos mentis and unfit to stand trial. 🔊

Unhappy family members argue that their deceased grandfather was non compos mentis when he dictated his will and left all his money to charity. 🔊

Although the women murdered several people she was declared non compos mentis because she suffers from bipolar disorder and was off of her medication. 🔊

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