Unequivocal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Unequivocal

unquestionably clear

Examples of Unequivocal in a sentence

Since we raised over a million dollars for our charity, we considered the fundraiser to be an unequivocal success. 🔊

The laboratory experiment must be repeated because the results are not unequivocal. 🔊

The teacher was impressed by the gifted student’s unequivocal explanation of the complex subject. 🔊

With the election a few weeks away, the president announced his unequivocal support for all the candidates of his political party. 🔊

My father’s unequivocal no meant I did not need to ask him again. 🔊

When the singer received an unequivocal dismissal from all three judges, he knew he was not going to be on the reality show. 🔊

The tough gun law shows the government’s unequivocal position on unregistered firearms. 🔊

Without unequivocal evidence, the prosecutor will not be able to prove the defendant’s guilt. 🔊

To succeed on large class projects, students need unequivocal directions so they will not be confused by the sizable tasks. 🔊

During the trial, the jury was instructed to ignore any evidence that was not unequivocal. 🔊

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