Notoriety in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Notoriety

being known for something bad

Examples of Notoriety in a sentence

The notoriety of violence in the downtown area keeps many tourists from visiting that part of the city.  🔊

Because of John’s notoriety for being a mean drunk, he is rarely invited to parties where alcohol is served.  🔊

The restaurant’s notoriety for its low health department score has led to a huge decline in sales.  🔊

When people heard the notoriety surrounding the romance novel, they bought the book to see if it really was as naughty as rumored.  🔊

The notoriety of the actor’s racist comments led to his dismissal from the highly rated television show.  🔊

Because of the rapper’s notoriety for drug use, he has been denied permission to enter several countries.  🔊

Can you believe my conservative mother’s notoriety as a teenager stemmed from her involvement in a gang?  🔊

Even though the politician was acquitted of all charges, his career was ended by the notoriety of the trial.  🔊

The resort earned its notoriety by being the place where the president was caught in bed with his mistress.  🔊

Although Jim served his time in prison, he still received a chilly reception from people because of the notoriety of his crime.  🔊

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