Objurgate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Objurgate

to admonish or yell firmly at someone or something

Examples of Objurgate in a sentence

After the toddler had a temper tantrum in the store, the angry mother would objurgate her son in his face for ten minutes.  🔊

The principal and the teacher objurgate the misbehaving student so loudly that the other students could hear them in the classroom.  🔊

With a red face, the judge would objurgate the criminals who would enter his courtroom until they would admit they were wrong.  🔊

After viewing the yellow stain on the new carpet, the dog owners objurgate the little puppy which caused him to tuck his tail and cower under the bed.  🔊

Army sergeants objurgate in their troops’ faces assigning them kitchen patrol duty for the slightest mishap.  🔊

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