Sting in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sting

an irritation or pain caused by rubbing against a poisonous substance or receiving a piercing bite from a venomous creature

Examples of Sting in a sentence

The sting of the bumblebee felt like wildfire rapidly spreading across his skin.  🔊

Mike stepped on a three-leaved plant and knew he was in trouble when his leg started to viciously sting: poison ivy.  🔊

The hunter felt the sting of the viper for only a second before intense swelling, throbbing, and necrosis started to sink in.  🔊

The chef only realized he cut himself while cutting lemons when the sting of the acidic juice burned his finger.  🔊

When Jenny put the new lotion on her skin and it began to sting, she knew she was having an allergic reaction.  🔊

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