Ostensible in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Ostensible

appearing as such but not necessarily so

Examples of Ostensible in a sentence

Your ostensible prank has done a lot of damage, and now you must face the consequences of your actions. 🔊

While Jerry is the ostensible author of this amendment, there is some question of who actually deserves credit for the idea.  🔊

While the ostensible destination of our trip sounded appealing, I was dreading the long drive it would take to get there. 🔊

In this neighborhood, George is the ostensible authority on native plants for landscaping.  🔊

Because of his ostensible good will in offering to check on the house while I was on vacation, I felt comfortable giving him the key.  🔊

This new archaeological discovery is an ostensible source of hundreds of valuable artifacts.  🔊

The ostensible cause of the breakdown seems to be that someone has tampered with the gas tank.  🔊

As the ostensible Alpha male, Sandulf led the pack through the mountains in search of food and water.  🔊

Gary’s ostensible purpose for calling his mother was to see how she was doing, but she soon figured out that he needed money again.  🔊

Although it’s ostensible that the committee will take your proposal under consideration, I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you.  🔊

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