Conspicuous in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Conspicuous

very easy to notice

Examples of Conspicuous in a sentence

It would be inappropriate for you to wear such a short conspicuous dress to your father’s funeral. 🔊

During the summer months, the mosquitos are very conspicuous near the water.  🔊

The football coach found the quarterback’s absence conspicuous during the big game. 🔊

If you dye your hair purple, you will be very conspicuous among the other teachers.  🔊

Standing beside the skinny models, the fat girl looked very conspicuous.  🔊

During the storm, there was a conspicuous lack of tourists at the beach.  🔊

The bank robber made the mistake of trying to escape in a conspicuous orange car.  🔊

Because William talks so loud, he is always conspicuous at work.  🔊

Hunters wear camouflage so they appear less conspicuous around the animals.  🔊

When Mark wore jeans to the formal party, he was very conspicuous.  🔊

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