Lithe in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lithe

gracefully flexible, and often accompanied by being thin and long

Examples of Lithe in a sentence

While Corinne has the lithe, agile body that would be perfect for gymnastics, she is too tall to manage some of the events. 🔊

In one lithe movement, he swept her into his arms and began to waltz her around the room. 🔊

With a graceful bow of its lithe neck, the swan glided under the low bridge and out of sight. 🔊

With lithe, quick hands, the pickpocket worked his way through the crowd collecting wallets from the unsuspecting tourists. 🔊

Although Lisa has a lithe, athletic build, she is surprisingly clumsy. 🔊

Because Louise has a slender build and lithe walk, she is an excellent runway model. 🔊

As she waited for her music to begin, the figure skater formed her arms and legs into a lithe arrangement that resembled an opening blossom. 🔊

Lithe and stealthy, the cat crept soundlessly toward the unsuspecting sparrow. 🔊

Marcia sent her daughter to modeling school in the hope that she would develop a more graceful, lithe way of walking. 🔊

Leila practices yoga twice a day to keep her body lithe and fit. 🔊

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