Ostensibly in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ostensibly

to all outward appearances

Examples of Ostensibly in a sentence

Although Clyde had plans to spend the day with his mistress, ostensibly he appeared to be getting ready for work by packing his brief case. 🔊

Ostensibly, the celebrity seemed to be hiding from photographers by wearing a disguise. 🔊

Other nations were suspicious when our government sent troops into the war-torn country, ostensibly to help restore peace. 🔊

Ostensibly, the surveillance cameras have been installed for our protection, but we believe management uses them to monitor our daily activities. 🔊

While the men ostensibly scheduled a lunch meeting to discuss company finances, they actually spent the hour drinking beer and talking about football. 🔊

Ostensibly, the candidate seemed in favor of lowering taxes during the election, but when he was elected, he reversed his opinion on the subject. 🔊

Dressed as a homeless man, the billionaire, ostensibly, appeared to be a beggar in need. 🔊

Ostensibly, the free meal coupon seems like a great deal, but when the service charges are added, the meal is no longer free. 🔊

Although Janice went to church ostensibly to worship, she actually attended service each week to search for a husband. 🔊

Ostensibly, the undercover cop looked like a regular college student. 🔊

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