Overhaul in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Overhaul

to assess and replace with something better or newer

Examples of Overhaul in a sentence

After the Bolsheviks assassinated the Romanovs, they began an overhaul of the Russian government and completely rewrote the laws. 🔊

The baker spent several thousand dollars on the complete overhaul of all of his outdated kitchen appliances and replaced them with the latest models. 🔊

When Dalia broke up with her boyfriend, she did a massive overhaul of their entire apartment and threw away everything that reminded her of her ex. 🔊

After more than half of her class failed their exam, the teacher reevaluated her teaching methods and started a complete overhaul of every worksheet and assignment. 🔊

The President imposed a systematic overhaul of expensive, medical care system and replaced it with a brand new plan that catered to low-income families. 🔊

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