Pardon in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Pardon

to overlook or accept someone’s wrongdoing or an action

Examples of Pardon in a sentence

“Please pardon our interruption, but the boys’ soccer team needs to report to the gym immediately,” the principal said over the intercom. đź”Š

The sign outside the newly-rebuilt restaurant asked customers to pardon the dust and mess since the restaurant is open. đź”Š

The embarrassed girl wanted her teacher to pardon her past poor behavior in class when she would talk back to the teacher. đź”Š

After explaining how he understood the defendant’s crime of stealing food for his poor family, Judge Watson looked as if he was going to pardon the defendant’s crime.  đź”Š

Due to accidentally stepping on the girl’s foot, the boy wanted her to pardon him for his clumsiness.  đź”Š

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