Paean in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Paean

any loud and joyous song; a song of victory or achievement

Examples of Paean in a sentence

After losing the game, the team was disappointed not to sing their victory paean. 🔊

The boy wrote a paean for his dad, praising his many accomplishments. 🔊

After winning the battle, the warriors gathered around and sung a paean. 🔊

Though the critics insulted it, the film received a paean from most moviegoers. 🔊

In ancient Greece, a victorious warrior would often sing a paean to Apollo. 🔊

To help encourage his players, the coach prepared a paean and encouraged them to sing it during halftime. 🔊

After a productive year, the farmers of old would often sing a paean to their gods. 🔊

Though not many people will sing a paean anymore, they often celebrate in other ways after a major victory. 🔊

Because he won yet another race, the Olympian offered a paean to Apollo. 🔊

To celebrate their victory, the team gathered round with a paean. 🔊

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