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Definition of Dirge

a sorrowful literary or musical composition that is used to honor a deceased person

Examples of Dirge in a sentence

When Kim sang a dirge for her deceased father, she brought everyone to tears.  🔊

My teenage daughter was bored by the music at the opera and referred to it as one long funeral dirge.  🔊

As the dirge was played on the church piano, the widow and her children wept.  🔊

The legendary singer wrote a dirge to perform at a memorial service for the victims of the recent terrorist attack.  🔊

For a class project, my psychology professor asked all of us to write a poetic dirge about a deceased love one.  🔊

The members of the Indian tribe sang a dirge in unison as their chief was put to rest.  🔊

Because I am a writer, my best friend’s mother asked me to write a dirge to honor her husband at his funeral.  🔊

John did not start to cry at his best friend’s wake until he was asked to read a dirge about his pal.  🔊

At the soldier’s funeral, a military band played a mesmerizing dirge.  🔊

Each time a character dies in the stage play, a dirge is played in the background.  🔊

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