Panoply in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Panoply

an impressive collection or exhibition

Examples of Panoply in a sentence

The designer’s exciting panoply of dresses won over the fashion critics.  🔊

Because the Orient is a luxury hotel, its panoply of premium services and amenities is unrivalled in the hotel industry.  🔊

The school’s art panoply will showcase student projects from the current school year.  🔊

When the media arrived, the boastful world leader made sure they photographed his panoply of exotic cars.  🔊

The billionaire’s panoply of technological gadgets controls every aspect of his home’s electrical system.  🔊

Even the police were shocked by the killer’s panoply of trophies that included underwear, earrings, and fingernails from his victims.  🔊

Phil will not sell his panoply of stamps because it is worth over a million dollars.  🔊

When we saw Pam’s panoply of dolls, we found it hard to believe she had over two hundred collectible figures.  🔊

The orchestra’s panoply of sounds blended together to create a moving song that brought tears to my eyes.  🔊

For the next month, the artist’s panoply of presidential portraits will be on display at the Bingenheim Museum.  🔊

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