Comport in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Comport

to fit with or act in a certain fashion

Examples of Comport in a sentence

Because the children do not comport well in a formal dining atmosphere, we have placed them at a kids’ table in the kitchen. 🔊

The public became angry when the police officer’s report did not comport with the statements of the witnesses. 🔊

If the debaters do not comport themselves in a kind manner, the moderator will call a halt to the discussion. 🔊

John was expelled from the game after he failed to comport himself in a professional manner while on the court. 🔊

To avoid breaking any laws, make sure your home business has all of the necessary permits to comport with city and county regulations. 🔊

Any blog comment that does not comport to standards of Christianity will be removed from the website. 🔊

During a trial, the judge should comport himself in an impartial manner at all times. 🔊

The beauty queen could lose her title if she does not comport to the moral standards of her position. 🔊

When the film version of the book premiered, the author was horrified to discover the movie script did not comport with the novel’s plot. 🔊

A concierge must always comport in a pleasant and accommodating manner when dealing with hotel guests. 🔊

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