Pantomime in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pantomime

the act of using gestures or movements instead of words to convey a message

Examples of Pantomime in a sentence

After being given a word related to birds, the performer acted out a pantomime in which he ran around the room flapping his arms.  🔊

In December, the school for the deaf puts on a pantomime in which the children use motions to show the meaning of Christmas.  🔊

Although Josh was supposed to do a pantomime during the talent show, he ruined it by speaking.  🔊

Brad began his entertainment career with pantomime but later decided to pursue employment as a television actor.  🔊

Since Jim was unfamiliar with pantomime, he was surprised when none of the performers spoke during the one-hour presentation.  🔊

When Jenna grabbed her throat to let someone know she was choking, everyone thought she was acting out a pantomime.  🔊

In the game of pantomime, each team must guess what one of its players is trying to express through nonverbal clues.  🔊

The street performer who was doing a pantomime never broke character by talking.  🔊

Because the mute girl cannot speak, she uses pantomime to tell her mother what she wants.  🔊

The talkative actor found it very hard to perform a pantomime since the role restricted his use of voice.  🔊

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