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Definition of Martyr

one who surrenders something of tremendous value for a cause

Examples of Martyr in a sentence

The soldier became a martyr when he threw himself on the live grenade to save his squad.  🔊

Since the quarterback did not want his entire team to suffer for the loss, he acted as a martyr and accepted full blame for the defeat.  🔊

Joan became a martyr after she lost her life in the fight again religious persecution.  🔊

When Bill was murdered after standing up to corrupt police officers, the people in his town viewed him as a martyr.  🔊

The civil rights leader became a martyr for his movement after being assassinated outside his motel room.  🔊

While the cult leader is a crazed man with a lust for power, he likes to portray himself as a martyr who will sacrifice his life for others.  🔊

The gay man became a martyr when he lost his job after refusing to hide his sexual preference.  🔊

According to the Christian religion, Jesus is a martyr who gave his life so everyone could go to heaven.  🔊

The woman was viewed as a martyr after being arrested for refusing to deny her religion.  🔊

During the robbery, the bank manager became a martyr when he stayed with the gunmen so the other hostages could go free.  🔊

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