Outweigh in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Outweigh

for something to be more important or further along than something else

Examples of Outweigh in a sentence

1. Since the job paid much less and was more difficult, its disadvantages definitely outweigh the benefits. 🔉

2. Sending her daughter to an untrustworthy daycare did not outweigh the mother making money from a full time job. 🔉

3. Since Hulu is cheaper than Netflix, then Hulu definitely outweighs Netflix simply due to price. 🔉

4. If you want more choices with your exercising, treadmills outweigh ellipticals in that regard. 🔉

5. Sweet tea definitely will outweigh unsweet tea in regards to taste even if you put artificial sweetener in the unsweet tea. 🔉

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