Parity in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Parity

the same in nature, value, or class

Examples of Parity in a sentence

As far as parity in currency, the pound is worth more than the dollar. 🔊

The price parity of the two shoe brands is nearly equal so it really does not matter which pair of shoes you buy. 🔊

In my company, there is an uneven parity between the salaries of males and females with females usually earning fifteen percent less. 🔊

It is impossible to establish parity with the prices of apples and oranges because they are two different fruits. 🔊

Because both playoff teams are great, the parity of the championship games is going to make for exciting television. 🔊

The court decision confirmed white schools and black schools did not share parity when mandatory segregation was enforced in the United States. 🔊

When Jill reviewed the final two resumes she received, she found no parity between the nanny of ten years and the beginning babysitter. 🔊

There is absolutely no parity between the fake diamond and the real stone. 🔊

In an ideal world, there would be parity in the healthcare coverage received by the rich and the healthcare coverage received by the poor. 🔊

Eric decided to switch insurance carriers once he learned he could get the same parity of insurance at a lower cost by changing companies. 🔊

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