Naught in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Naught

not anything

Examples of Naught in a sentence

Because Kurt’s negotiating skills amount to naught, we were not able to get a price reduction on the car. 🔊

Our picnic planning is for naught since a storm is rapidly approaching our area. 🔊

After three years of research, the scientist’s efforts proved for naught when the lab data was destroyed in a fire. 🔊

The pleas for peace have been for naught as the war has been going on for over five years. 🔊

Since there was no evidence to prove the suspect's guilt, all of the accusations were for naught. 🔊

Cam’s dream of playing professional football came to naught when he was injured in a car accident. 🔊

If Jim does not turn in his project on time, all of his hard work will have been for naught. 🔊

All of Danielle’s worrying was for naught because she easily passed the test. 🔊

Even with the additional rescue teams, the search was for naught because the little boy was not found. 🔊

Although Jim did not win the poster contest, his efforts were not for naught since he won praise from the judges as their second favorite artist. 🔊

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