Zeal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Zeal

eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something

Examples of Zeal in a sentence

The athlete’s zeal gave him the energy to reach the top of the mountain.  🔊

Even though Jack had the ability to finish the project, his lack of zeal prevented him from meeting important deadlines.  🔊

Since the goal is a tough one, you will need a lot of zeal to reach it.  🔊

The police officer’s zeal led him to jump on top of cars to catch his suspect.  🔊

Unfortunately, the young’s man zeal is misguided and will more than likely end in his arrest.  🔊

The missionaries were driven by religious zeal to convert everyone they encountered.  🔊

I cannot keep a secret from my mother because she always questions me with a lawyer’s zeal.  🔊

Although Virgil knew he would not win the marathon, he still ran with great zeal towards the finish line.  🔊

If my students would apply the same amount of zeal to their studies as they do to their talking, they would all have high grades.  🔊

In Marge’s zeal to lose weight, she failed to eat properly and became ill.  🔊

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