Philology in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Philology

the study of historical prose, poetry and linguistic fields

Examples of Philology in a sentence

After taking my courses in Philology, Literature, Western Civilization and Poetry, I was ready to get my English and History degrees. 🔊

My teacher of Philology explained the differences among a poem and a short story using authentic primary sources from the 18th century. 🔊

When the girl wanted to learn about the history of her town, she took a short course in Philology and read many true ghost stories that took place there. 🔊

The security officer showed the couple to the room labeled “philology” so they could find the written records of the local authors. 🔊

Instead of learning linguistics, the teacher wanted the kids to use philology in order to learn the written language of historical stories as opposed to the audio stories. 🔊

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