Photograph in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Photograph

a picture taken with a camera usually so the event can be remembered later

Examples of Photograph in a sentence

As we walked down the aisle, I took a photograph using my cell phone of the famous celebrity so I could have a memento of the occasion. 🔊

During the 4th graders’ piano recital, every parent was taking a photograph of their child’s performance so they could remember this special event. 🔊

While rummaging through some old junk in my attic, I came across a photograph of my grandparents’ wedding. 🔊

The haunted house seemed harmless until a photograph was taken of it showing a mysterious ghostlike being in the house’s window. 🔊

Using my cell phone, I took a selfie of me in front of the building and then showed the photograph to my friends. 🔊

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