Pulley in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Pulley

a simple machine designed to lift something very heavy

Examples of Pulley in a sentence

1. To raise a flag on a pole, the use of a pulley is mandatory in order to move the flag up and down. 🔉

2. By making a pulley, the children were able to hoist the heavy load up to their tree house. 🔉

3. As the temperature rose, many townspeople began to use the pulley to bring water up from the well. 🔉

4. Among the simple machines, the pulley was the best device to use to get the object to the other side of the shelf. 🔉

5. Since the couch would not fit in the tight staircase, the moving crew became aware that a pulley would be needed to lift the couch to the second floor. 🔉

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