Potentate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Potentate

someone with unlimited power, usually a leader of a country or territory

Examples of Potentate in a sentence

Our president cannot become a potentate because he has to share his power with two other branches of government. 🔊

If William plans on being a potentate and running the country on his own, he needs to become more convincing as a leader. 🔊

King Henry made himself the potentate of his realm by killing anyone who dared to question his decisions. 🔊

Since the dictator has his huge army behind him, he can behave as a potentate because no one will challenge his unrestricted power.  🔊

On our teaching team, Mr. Capra often acts as if he is a potentate by making important decisions without our input.  🔊

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