Profound in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Profound

extremely deep

Examples of Profound in a sentence

1. The speaker’s profound words made me think about my future. 🔉

2. When I heard the minister’s profound sermon, I decided it was time to quit drinking. 🔉

3. The poem about life after death is a profound piece of literature. 🔉

4. After Sharon spent an hour meditating, she experienced a profound sense of peace. 🔉

5. Mr. Rogers’ profound words of encouragement inspired Ellen to attend college. 🔉

6. Without help, Rachel will not be able to overcome the profound challenges of her drug addiction. 🔉

7. The death of Jim’s father had a profound impact upon him. 🔉

8. Because the text is so profound, it requires a thorough reading for comprehension. 🔉

9. Who ever thought the policeman’s mentoring would have such a positive and profound influence on the troubled young man?  🔉

10. The two political parties are divided by their profound differences. 🔉

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