Striking in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Striking

noticeable or prominent

Examples of Striking in a sentence

1. Having a striking face, the young woman could turn men’s heads to stare at her by walking down the street. 🔉

2. The remodeled house would surely acquire potential buyers due to the striking hardwood flooring that gleamed in the sunlight. 🔉

3. The well-known artist’s striking landscape masterpiece that hung on the art gallery’s wall stunned and captivated every observer who passed by it. 🔉

4. After combing through every photograph of the crime scene, Detective Smithers jumped back when he noticed the striking piece of incriminating evidence in one of the photos. 🔉

5. After being separated at birth, one twin girl stared at another girl walking down the street who had a striking resemblance to her own. 🔉

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