Commemorate in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Commemorate

to do something special as a means of tribute or recognition

Examples of Commemorate in a sentence

The general will commemorate the soldier’s act of heroism by presenting him with a medal. 🔊

On Veterans Day, flags are lowered at half-staff to commemorate the sacrifices of the nation’s military members.  🔊

Every year we commemorate our country’s independence with a huge fireworks display in the town square. 🔊

All players will receive a championship ring to commemorate the team’s amazing season.  🔊

While Jared is at the football game, we will bake a huge cake to commemorate his birthday.  🔊

The legislators have approved a holiday to commemorate the life of the civil rights leader.  🔊

This year my parents will commemorate their sixty-year marriage with a huge anniversary party.  🔊

We will commemorate the president’s legacy by placing his image on the new coin.  🔊

To commemorate the principal’s fifty years in the school system, the board has decided to name a school after her.  🔊

Sometimes a yellow ribbon is placed around a tree to commemorate the absence of a loved one.  🔊

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