Promote in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Promote

advance someone to a higher rank or position

Examples of Promote in a sentence

1. Because he had served his country so well, the General decided to promote the Corporal to the rank of Sergeant. 🔉

2. I am hoping my boss will promote me to a better paying position in our company after he sees how well I have done this year. 🔉

3. I have decided to promote my second best friend to the position of main best friend, since my main best friend had to move to a different state. 🔉

4. If something happens to the pack leader in a wolf pack, it is likely that they will promote the next most dominant alpha male to the position. 🔉

5. Looking to promote my position in the marathon from second place to first place, I put all of the energy I had into passing the runner in front of me. 🔉

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