Provenance in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Provenance

origin or the source of where something derived from

Examples of Provenance in a sentence

Since the provenance of this dish came from Italy, many people wanted to go to Italy to taste the actual authentic dish.  🔊

Realizing that the provenance of the antique chest was from France, it let the dealer know that this piece was created in 18th century Paris.  🔊

An archeologist discovered the provenance of the fossil as being from China’s historical Ming Dynasty.  🔊

When the geologist determined the rock’s provenance dated back to the Ice Age, this rock was over 2.6 million years old.  🔊

The provenance of Santa Claus was a few hundred years ago when a man named St. Nicholas started giving presents to children on Christmas Day.  🔊

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