Psychosomatic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Psychosomatic

(of an illness) caused by mental problems, such as stress or anxiety, rather than physical problems

Examples of Psychosomatic in a sentence

Due to the constant worry of losing his job, Bob’s psychosomatic headaches would be cured when he stopped worrying.  🔊

Coupled with being shy and deathly afraid of public speaking, Cynthia knew her trembling and excessive sweating was psychosomatic.  🔊

A nanny’s psychosomatic stomach symptoms can be attributed to the parent’s demands and constant screaming and crying from the children.  🔊

After a thorough examination by his family physician, Dr. Kurt knew Evan’s fatigue was a psychosomatic problem and only could be treated with a reduction of stress in his life.  🔊

When Mr. Benson heard that he had a psychosomatic condition, he grew angry that the aches in his muscles were caused by his family’s pressures to support them.  🔊

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