Rancorous in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rancorous

bitter or resentful

Examples of Rancorous in a sentence

Mr. Knightly is a rancorous old man who is always unhappy and seemingly angry at everyone, even if they are strangers. 🔊

You could say that someone who is always angry and irritable is a rancorous individual, though you might not want to say that to their face. 🔊

I tend to be very rancorous in the morning, when people try to wake me up before it is necessary and I could have slept a little longer. 🔊

While most dogs are friendly and sweet, they can become rancorous if they are treated very poorly, going so far as to resent all humans for the actions of one. 🔊

The boy I met at school today was a transfer student from abroad, but he was so unhappy with leaving his country that he was rancorous and unfriendly to everyone. 🔊

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