Support in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Support

to hold up the weight of something

Examples of Support in a sentence

Steel beams are often used to support the crushing weight of massive skyscrapers, though several of them are needed and they must often be designed in a lattice to do so.  🔊

The reason people find it more difficult to walk as they grow in age is because their legs have been the primary support for their body weight for their entire lives.  🔊

Many students have faced the struggle of trying to support a marshmallow with nothing but uncooked noodles in their math class.  🔊

A house of cards is unique in the sense that the entire structure is just a support for the next level of the tower.  🔊

My friend fell off the ladder he was using to hang Christmas lights, but thankfully I was strong enough to support his weight when I caught him.  🔊

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