Oppressive in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Oppressive

overwhelming; restricting

Examples of Oppressive in a sentence

Because I am very sensitive to the oppressive heat, I tend to spend most of the summer indoors. 🔊

Many people come to this country because the oppressive leaders in their native lands took away their freedoms.  🔊

While John views himself as a spiritual individual, he believes the rules of any organized religion are too oppressive for his relaxed nature. 🔊

Plans have been made to overthrow the oppressive government.  🔊

Because the military has a large number of rules, it often scares away recruits who fear the organization’s oppressive nature.  🔊

The oppressive laws in the country do not allow females to attend school.  🔊

When the oppressive dictator died, millions of people celebrated his death.  🔊

The citizens unanimously voted to overturn the oppressive laws that had once controlled their lives.  🔊

Last summer, thousands of people died from strokes relating to the oppressive temperature.  🔊

During his speech, the president mentioned a ground war against the oppressive rebels who had invaded the peaceful country.  🔊

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