Recede in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Recede

to go back

Examples of Recede in a sentence

If you look closely at George’s hair, you can see where his hairline has started to recede. 🔊

The client was unhappy when he learned the software company was going to recede his project’s delivery date. 🔊

When the storm quiets, the waters will recede from the beach. 🔊

The animals will recede further into the forest as developers continue to cut down trees. 🔊

Over time, I know the memories will recede to a place where I cannot recall them. 🔊

Because of holiday travel, gas prices rarely recede in the months of November and December. 🔊

When Hugh glanced over his shoulder, he saw a mysterious man recede into an alley. 🔊

Since the bridge is out, we will have to recede and take the mountain path. 🔊

Within a few days, the floodwaters are expected to recede. 🔊

As I heard my mother’s footsteps recede, I realized she finally understood I had no interest in talking to her. 🔊

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