Sparse in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sparse

thin; inadequate

Examples of Sparse in a sentence

With only a sparse supply of weapons, the villagers were worried they would not survive the attack. 🔊

With only a sparse amount of hair, the man decided to completely shave his head. 🔊

They had a sparse food supply, which is why the refugees had to carefully ration. 🔊

Despite its sparse population, the city was still filled with its share of amenities. 🔊

Though sparse in numbers, the might of the army was strong enough to overcome the enemy forces. 🔊

Even a few sparse doubts can cause the whole system to crumble. 🔊

The city had a sparse population, but it was constantly filled with tourists, which gave it life. 🔊

Being old and having no help, the farmer only kept a sparse supply of chickens. 🔊

Soldiers learn to survive on only sparse supplies, using the environment to get what they need. 🔊

The city had a sparse population of farmers, but it still produced quite a bit of vegetables. 🔊

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