Rectitude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Rectitude

behavior that is correct and moral

Examples of Rectitude in a sentence

Jake’s rectitude prevented him from lying to the police about his actions. 🔊

Although the restaurant has received bad press lately, it normally is recognized for its rectitude in providing outstanding customer service. 🔊

Sheila’s sense of rectitude kept her from keeping the lost hundred dollar bill. 🔊

When the valedictorian made her speech, she encouraged her classmates to seek out lives filled with honesty and rectitude. 🔊

Aidan’s rectitude inspired him to give his lottery winnings to charity. 🔊

While Jim’s brother was often rude, Jim was always a model of rectitude, treating everyone with kindness. 🔊

Because Helen was familiar with Sheila’s ethical rectitude, she did not invite her to participate in the group’s robbery. 🔊

Kevin’s rectitude at making ethical decisions made him a top candidate for the position. 🔊

When Allen mugged the elderly woman, it became obvious to everyone that he was no longer being guided by his rectitude. 🔊

Since my father is in prison, I do not consider him to be a good example of moral rectitude. 🔊

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