Laudable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Laudable

deserving to be praised or admired

Examples of Laudable in a sentence

Through his laudable and courageous actions, the fireman saved five people from a burning building.  🔊

The soldier was given a medal because he created a laudable plan for defeating the enemy.  🔊

Despite her disabilities, Candace has achieved some laudable achievements.  🔊

Even though Gerald finished the marathon in last place, the fact he actually finished the race was a laudable accomplishment.  🔊

When Congress passed the healthcare bill, the president declared the body’s action to be laudable because of the bill’s significance.  🔊

While Jason did not win the contest, his efforts were laudable enough to be mentioned by the judges.  🔊

Because Ted’s building proposal was very expensive, the committee did not consider it laudable and chose to go with another construction firm.  🔊

While both of the recycling projects are laudable, only one of them can be enacted within the city limits.  🔊

Since your great plan ends with me going to prison, I do not feel it is a laudable plan!  🔊

After the police ransacked my house because of a false accusation, I found it difficult to see them as laudable men worthy of my respect.  🔊

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