Perfidious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Perfidious

not able to be trusted

Examples of Perfidious in a sentence

Michelle sought revenge on her perfidious friend who stole her lottery ticket. 🔊

When questioned about his ex-wife, Eric described her as a perfidious woman who could not be faithful to any man.  🔊

Because the police were waiting for him to try and sell the diamond, the jewel thief had no idea his perfidious behavior had been discovered. 🔊

Larry knew his plan was perfidious, but he had to finish it to find his mother’s killer.  🔊

While the two women fought, their former best friend smiled as she watched her perfidious scheme unfold.  🔊

Margaret had no idea her best friends were perfidious traitors who spent most of their free time talking behind her back.  🔊

Because Lawrence is such a perfidious person, you cannot believe a word he says.  🔊

The king took it upon himself to personally execute the perfidious soldier who led the enemy into the castle.  🔊

When Janice’s perfidious husband left her for a younger woman, he took all of their assets and left her with nothing.  🔊

Because the twelve women on the jury sympathized with Janice, they did not convict her of murdering her perfidious spouse.  🔊

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