Reproach in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Reproach

disgrace or scandal

Examples of Reproach in a sentence

The politician’s sordid actions have brought reproach to the entire government. 🔊

As a law enforcement officer, Jack must always make sure his behavior is above reproach.  🔊

Individuals who work in the banking industry must be honest and beyond reproach. 🔊

When the police officer was caught selling drugs, he brought reproach to his department and earned the public’s anger.  🔊

Rather than bring reproach upon his family, the samurai chose to kill himself.  🔊

While everyone assumed the priest was above reproach, he was actually a dishonest man who stole money from the church.  🔊

The highly publicized trial shows not all teachers are beyond reproach.  🔊

If the judge is associated with any kind of reproach, he could be removed from the bench.  🔊

Since Kelly is not above reproach, she should not talk about the bad actions of others.  🔊

As a role model, the leader of a country should never be associated with any incident of reproach.  🔊

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