Invective in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Invective

abusive language used to criticize

Examples of Invective in a sentence

The newspaper’s invective of the novel really made the author angry.  🔊

Because your invective hurt my feelings, I am going to stay away from you for a while.  🔊

The politician’s invective about his opponent caused him many votes in the election.  🔊

When my ex-husband tried to start a fight with me by using an invective, I simply walked away from him.  🔊

This economic crisis is only going to bring about an invective against the government.  🔊

Although the movie critic delivered a stinging invective on the film, many people still went out and saw the picture.  🔊

Words of encouragement are much better than the harsh words of an invective.  🔊

After the first speaker began the debate with an invective towards his opponent, it was impossible for any meaningful conversation to occur between the two men.  🔊

From across the room, my rival tried to taunt me with an invective.  🔊

The terrorist’s invective was there on the internet for everyone to see.  🔊

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