Repudiate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Repudiate

to reject; refuse to support

Examples of Repudiate in a sentence

Because I want to avoid the conflict between my two sisters, I repudiate their argument. 🔊

The company will repudiate any claims of negligence. 🔊

Despite his claims of innocence, he did very little to repudiate the allegations made against him. 🔊

Jill is going to repudiate the bill because it is incorrect. 🔊

During his next speech, the president will repudiate blame for the economic situation. 🔊

The candidate was told by his advisers to repudiate a previously made statement. 🔊

Even though James loved his wife, he chose to repudiate any fault for her crimes. 🔊

The actress used the interview to repudiate claims of alcohol abuse. 🔊

If you want to stay sober, you need to repudiate all addictive substances. 🔊

Everyone expected the lawmakers to repudiate the budget proposal. 🔊

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